why i decided to start a blog

maybe i’m wrong but i feel like every girl in their twenties thinks about starting a blog at some point. i don’t know but in my case, i’ve always loved to write.

it started when i was in elementary school. writing mini books for my family with little pictures turned into me sitting at a computer for hours writing fictional stories that were pages and pages long. i used to dream about becoming an author one day. maybe one day i’ll work towards a book but for now, i’m good with a blog.

my love for blogging really started when i joined her campus at my school freshman year. it was the first club i joined in college. for those of you who don’t know, her campus is a national online magazine that has over one hundred chapters. now, as a senior, i am the president of the university of new hampshire chapter.

like i said, i have always loved to write. i don’t write fictional stories anymore, i don’t really write stories at all. instead i keep a journal. when i feel like i have no one to turn to, i write my feelings down in my journal. i started keeping a journal when i was a sophomore in high school and i’ve filled lots of journals since then. i used to be embarrassed to admit that because i always thought having a ‘diary’ was a childish thing. in reality, it’s the opposite.

i have always dreamed of creating my own blog one day. i never thought i would actually do it, though. there’s nothing to write about, no one cares what i have to say, who would even read my blogs. the thing i came to realize was, it doesn’t really matter. having a blog makes me happy. i’m doing this for me. it would obviously make me extremely happy if people were able to relate to my posts and were interested in what i had to say but if they don’t, then that’s alright too. this is something that is mine. it’s a safe space; an outlet where i can express who i really am.

so yeah, here it is. cup of t.