the girl behind cup of t.

hi everyone!

welcome to cup of t. my newest adventure.

you can read about why i started a blog in my recent post here but i just wanted to give you a little more insight on who i am.

i’m taylor, my friends call me t. i’m 21 years old and from the beautiful granite state. i will be graduating from the university of new hampshire in this upcoming spring. but don’t even bother asking me what i’m doing after graduation because i just don’t know. one thing i do know is, i want to see the world. 21 years on this planet and i have never left the country. actually, 21 years on this planet and i have barely made it out of new england. don’t get me wrong - i love new england. but i think my twenties are going to be full of traveling, as they should.

i don’t have any crazy talents or anything that special about me. i’m kinda just your average girl. i played sports in high school, always made the honor roll and never really got into any sort of trouble. i have two younger siblings; a brother and a sister. plus a very cute old english bulldog named pudge.

i’ve never really been good at fun facts but i thought maybe i should tell you about some of my favorites.

favorite book: many lives many masters, big little lies or girl, wash your face

favorite song: fast car by tracy chapman or i wanna dance with somebody by whitney houston

favorite tv show: this is us, a million little things

favorite movies: (most watched) good will hunting, top gun, the family stone, ferris bueller’s day off, step brothers

favorite candy: kit kats

favorite flower: hydrangeas

favorite season: fall

favorite hobby: yoga / hiking

favorite place: the beach

that’s all i can really think of. like i said, just your average girl.

my hope is that when i start writing more blogs, you will learn more about me and maybe i’ll learn more about myself.