nashville, tn: spring break edition

ah, spring break. the reason people actually go to college. right?

there are tons of classic spring break spots - florida, mexico, basically anywhere with a beach. this year, there was a new spot that seemed to be pretty popular for us college students. that spot was nashville, tennessee.

last week was my first time in nashville and i already miss it. i’m not sure if it’s because i have lived in new hampshire for almost my entire life, but when i got to nashville it almost felt like i belonged there. maybe that’s just the wanderlust talking, though.

if you’re thinking about going to nashville or just want to hear about my spring break - keep reading!

i was there from saturday night - wednesday night and let me tell you, that was plenty of time. i’m not gonna lie, there was a lot of drinking and many late nights (or should i say early mornings). the bars there don’t close until 3 am (even during the week) and to be honest it seems like there are not many things to do there besides drink, no matter what time of day. however, we stayed away from the day drinking and tried to make the most of our time there.

we stayed in an airbnb that was so cute and contemporary. it was perfect for the nine of us and honestly wasn’t too expensive. we stayed not too far from the gulch area and were in a neighborhood with houses that all looked the same. getting an airbnb was definitely the way to go.

our view from the airbnb rooftop.

our view from the airbnb rooftop.

since we were close to the gulch, we walked there one morning for brunch. it was such a nice break from broadway and the busy city scene. we heard such great things about biscuit love but the line was way too long so we tried out this pub across the street. from there, we walked around and went into the different shops and boutiques. also, i had the best smoothie + acai bowl ever at i love juice bar. i loved the area, i thought it was so nice and cute. there are murals on the side of almost every building and of course we took pictures at the mural of the wings :)


the night life was so fun, obviously. everywhere you go there is live music. sometimes it’s country, sometimes it’s rock, it all just depends on the place. every bar in nashville has about 2-4 floors, each with a bar and DJ or band, and a rooftop. we went to a couple different bars, and honestly i had a good time at all of them. we went to tootsies a lot (older crowd but still so fun). whiskey row has the highest rooftop in nashville and i loved it there too, even during the day. we also went to honky tonk central, kid rock’s, jason aldean’s, the stage, tin roof and acme.

the most fun i had was on the bike. basically, everyone is on this bike, pedaling down broadway for about an hour and a half. it sounds boring, but you’re drinking the whole time, there’s music playing and you’re playing drinking games. we did our bike tour through sprocket rocket and it was incredibly fun. it was $45/person without tip. there is a driver and a bartender who you can venmo or give cash to once your time is up. the bike we went on was BYOB so the bartender basically is just there to make sure you’re never without a drink. if you’re going to nashville, i highly recommend doing this. if i wasn’t a poor college student, i would have done the bike every single night as a pregame.


overall, i had such a good time. the people there were so nice, the live music was great and the food was yummy. (check out hattie b’s, you won’t regret it). i’m going to miss having an excuse to wear my cowboy hat everyday, i guess i’ll just have to go back!

keep scrolling to see some more photos :)