my new year's goals

i know, i know. every one has been talking about their new year’s resolutions. i’m normally not the type of person to make (and stick to) resolutions. however, this year was different.

the thing about new year’s resolutions is most people make them to fix something. they’re not about the long term. i wanted to make a list of goals that would benefit me for years to come, not just this year. 2019 is the year i will graduate college and start working, i want to make sure it’s a successful one.

i decided 2019 is the year of learning for me. i want to learn how to make my life something that i love. i want to learn how to make my job something that doesn’t seem like a job. i know, i’m such a millennial. i’ve just always believed in work smart not hard and that’s exactly what i’m gonna do.

last week, i sat down with one of my best friends, omar. we talked for about an hour, thinking about all the things we want 2019 to bring. we decided it would be best to split our goals up into categories. specifically: happiness, learning, travel and health.

anyways, let’s dive into my goals.

h a p p i n e s s

  • perform an act of kindness once a week

  • take risks

  • enjoy more, stress less

h e a l t h

  • workout three-four times a week

  • accept failure

  • meditate once a day

  • drink more water

  • get out of bed no later than 8 am monday-friday

l e a r n i n g

  • read five hours a week

  • learn one new thing (throughout the year)

  • finish everything you start

  • listen to one podcast a day

t r a v e l

  • leave the country

  • visit a state i haven’t been to

there you have it. for the first time, setting these new year’s resolutions has made me really excited. i’m feeling motivated for the new year, it’s a fresh start.

i bought a new journal solely to track my progress with these goals. i recommend that everyone sits down and tries to envision the next year. what do you want out of it? write it down and stick to it.