book review: 'philophobia'

i am so excited to be writing a review of philophobia - a book written by one of my friends named taylor!

philophobia is a book about two people who accidentally meet, catch major feels and end up creating their own twisted love story. i read the whole thing in just a few days because i just couldn’t put it down.

throughout the book, i felt so connected to the characters and couldn’t wait to figure out how the love story of austin and nora would progress. the way this book is written makes you feel like you are there, experiencing everything that nora is. it’s authentic and raw - almost like you’re reading nora’s diary.

cover art: kristina fuccione

cover art: kristina fuccione

as a girl in her twenties, this story is too relatable. i felt every emotion that nora felt, almost like it was my own life. taylor writes in a way that is realistic and spellbinding but so beautiful. one of my favorite parts of the book is that the chapters are all songs. each song sets the tone for the next chapter - making you feel that much more connected to what’s going on with nora.

i don’t want to spoil too much but i can only hope there will be a sequel that talks about how these two end up. i should note that this book does contain adult content and is not suitable for all readers.

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