academic goals: pre-finals

with finals a little more than a month away, it’s time to start preparing. finals week in college means no sleep, eating complete junk food on the go and trying to cram everything you learned the past four months into a couple days. in order to get where i wanna be in terms of my final grades, i need to start setting goals now.

my daily routine has been a little different lately. i’ve had a lot of personal things going on the past few weeks that have impacted my work ethic and i need to get back on track. recently i haven’t had much motivation to do anything which is why i’m going to start preparing for the end of the semester now. a simple but difficult task lately is actually going to class. so my first goal is to keep my attendance up so i don’t fall behind.

in my last full month of the fall semester, i’m going to focus on staying organized. something that sounds so simple but requires a good amount of effort. i’m the type of person that uses a planner daily as well as a google calendar. obviously color coded. this is key to staying organized. if you don’t write down all of your assignments ahead of time, it’s really easy to forget about them. last week i checked my planner and realized i had an exam the week after, i had no idea. (oops) that’s why using a planner is so important. by staying organized, i will be able to start planning my time now, getting all my group projects and last minute assignments out of the way so i have time to study.

in order to do well on my finals, i need to do well now. obviously i go through phases where i don’t care about class and don’t really try on my assignments. (cmon i know i’m not the only one, don’t judge me) right now, my grades are great but my motivation is dropping. because i’m not the best at taking exams, especially during finals, i need to leave a little extra cushion incase i end up not doing as well as i hoped. in my opinion, november is harder than december because you have so many papers and group assignments due. one of my goals is to start working on these projects now so that i can maximize my time later in the month.

a good friend of mine told me that he reads every single day for 15 minutes a day, no matter what. i think this is a really great goal. reading is something i love to do, but never really can find the time. when i do find the time, i don’t really make it a priority. reading for at least 15 minutes everyday is something i would love to be able to do. i recently started a book called originals by adam grant and i’m already feeling eager to keep reading. i think if i start reading everyday, it will allow me to become more creative.

during the last few weeks of school, it’s easy to become stressed and anxious. like i talked about in my recent blog post about failing a class, i have a tendency to become discouraged when school is getting tough. although i have a lot of personal things going on lately, i’m going to try my best not to let it affect my work ethic moving forward.

as the semester comes to an end, remember to be easy on yourself. it really is all about your mindset.