a college girl's holiday wish list

the holidays are right around the corner which means i have to start making my christmas list! yes, i know, i’m 21, i shouldn’t still be making lists. but my parents are always asking for ideas on what to get me so i just email them links of all the things i really want. making a christmas list in college is so hard. i want so much but don’t really need anything except stupid little things like toothpaste and toilet paper.

whether you’re shopping for your daughter in college, your roommates or just a friend - i have some ideas for you.

  • a hydroflask. i am obsessed with mine. i use it every single day. there are a bunch of colors, types and sizes but i have a plain white one.

  • love your melon hats are super popular these days. plus it helps that they are cute and go to a good cause!

  • i always try to get my friends something that they wouldn’t really buy themselves. for instance - things to destress and relax. i find that these are the nicest gifts to give! specifically, things like: face masks, cozy socks, soft blankets or bath/shower bombs.

  • candles are something you cannot have enough of! they are the perfect gift for any girl in college.

  • i’m always in need of to-go coffee cups. i’m not talking about paper cups but a nice mug that will keep my coffee hot!

  • you can’t go wrong with gifting a blanket scarf. girls love to stay warm and cozy during the winter and big scarves are perfect for that!

  • some new makeup palettes always make for great gifts! now that kylie cosmetics are sold in ulta, i bet her products will be a huge hit this christmas season.

wanna know what i specifically asked for? keep reading! first, let me just say that i’m definitely not expecting all of these things. i like to give a lot of ideas so that my parents don’t feel bad if they don’t get me everything on my list.

  • i love aerie. like obsessed. so i asked for some new joggers, leggings, a sweatshirt, a poncho and a bralette

  • y’all know i love yoga. last christmas i got a lululemon mat so this year i asked for a mat towel. i know i could get any mat towel from like marshalls or something but i just can’t find any that are right for me. the lululemon mat towels are so soft and don’t slip.

  • i need a new phone case. i love the silicon apple phone cases, they are light and cute and soft so i asked for another one of those. the one i have now has lasted me about two years but i’ve dropped it a bunch of times so it’s starting to chip.

  • i really want a new purse. i don’t really care where it’s from. the only thing is, i need it to fit my laptop in it and i need it to be cute and simple. any suggestions? let me know!

  • i’m obsessed with vans, they are basically all i wear. i already have white slip ons but it’s time for more. mine are so dirty and actually have holes in them because i wear them so much! i’m definitely hoping for another pair this christmas.

  • since i’ll be living at home again pretty soon, i gave my parents the idea of gifting me some stuff to redecorate my room. my sister and i share a room and it’s looked the same way pretty much since we moved in. i really want to paint it but i need new bedding, curtains, a full-length mirror, a makeup desk and some wall decor. obviously i need a lot of (expensive) things for my room but if my parents wanted to get me even one thing - it would be such a big help!

  • i just started skiing a couple of winters ago and last christmas i got (almost everything) i need. i’m still in the market for a good pair of gloves and a nice helmet. so i added that to my list just in time for the season!

good luck with all your shopping this holiday season! i hope this list helped a little :)